Wayne is an inspirational corporate and personal coach who integrates mindfulness into his coaching. This process brings about lasting change and discovery of one’s own true potential resulting in a more grounded and confident and less stressed self.

Taiwanese by birth and living in Hong Kong for over 10 years, Wayne has a sensitive ability to pay keen attention and show empathy towards his clients. With this ability and exceptional conversational and listening skills, he is capable of rapidly establishing high comfort and trust levels with his clients. Wayne has been involved in teaching mindfulness workshops; in coaching, mindfulness means just “to watch one’s steps”, so that one may not stumble or miss a chance in the pursuit of one’s aims. He has taught mindfulness workshops all over the world including Finland, China, Philippines and Hong Kong.

Wayne works with a range of clients from a broad range of backgrounds for example he has worked with Cathay Pacific pilots, entrepreneurs and senior corporate executives from Financial Services, IT, Luxury Retail, FMCG as well as artists – singers, actors and those from the visual arts.

Past Coaching Scenarios

  • Working with clients to bring about a positive change in their interpersonal behaviours enhancing their professional and personal life.
  • Enabling senior leaders to understand their situation, difficulties, confusions and complexities better so that they can approach leadership challenges to best effect.
  • Enhancing clients’ ability to plan and establish priorities, such that they have a better perspective while decision making.
  • Equipping his client in planning and decision making efforts. Helping them understand and evaluate the pros and cons of every decision.
  • Set long term and short term goals for clients and inspire them to achieve these goals.
  • Coaching clients on personal, professional, financial and health issues.
  • Encourage his clients to indulge in activities they like to help them relieve mental stress.


  • Certified Coach (Brain-Based Coaching from Neuro Leadership Institute)
  • Certified Mindfulness Instructor
  • Certified Yoga Instructor
  • Fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese


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