A portrait shot of Maggie Atienza

Maggie is a former advertising and marketing communications professional, having worked on integrated campaigns for global brands including Procter & Gamble and Colgate. With her tenacity and infinite well of positive energy, she became a coach and facilitator. Her passion is in enabling clients to discover their power within, embrace their wholeness and live a life of their own design.

Born and raised in Manila, Philippines, Maggie has called Hong Kong home for nearly eight years. With a degree in Business Administration, she has worked in Client Services with Ace Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising Manila handling Procter & Gamble accounts, and with Red Fuse Communications Hong Kong, a full-service regional agency for Colgate in Asia.

She has worked in learning and development for the Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s Faculty of Business and in corporate communications for Walmart Asia’s regional headquarters. Working with various teams across the globe, Maggie understands the intricacies of operating and succeeding within multi-functional, cross-cultural environments, managing multiple stakeholders and achieving sound business results.

After deeply reflecting on her life’s purpose, she focused on her desire to enable others to connect with their true selves. To gain a better understanding of their own beliefs, needs and potential, and to ensure that their actions align with these. To bravely own their goals and effectively navigate the challenges of making them a reality.

She then combined her love of nature with this inner calling. Upon successfully completing an intense training program with Outward Bound Hong Kong, she worked with clients of all ages in the wilderness. Using proven methods and theory, she helped clients develop essential skills, and capture wisdom as they emerge to create profound realisations that can help them define and achieve success in their own contexts.

Maggie is also passionate about dance and draws many lessons from her years of dedicated practice. She was awarded the 2016 Overall Best Female Dancer in Asia of Ceroc – a lead-and-follow partner dance style, often likened to modern jive, ballroom and salsa. This instilled in her an openness and appreciation for each person’s approach to managing change and dealing with others, whether as a leader or a follower, at work and especially in life. Everyone is uniquely whole, and the different aspects of one’s personality can be leveraged at different times.

With an extraordinary skill set and an extensive outlook, her journey continues with working at Growing Edge. In her role, she consolidates her experiences and genuinely advocates for the pursuit of true growth and lifelong learning for individuals and organisations, while nurturing her passion for empowering others through coaching and facilitation.


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