Elly Zheng is the author/translator of 9 books, including “Children: The Challenge,” “Effective Positive Discipline,” “The Challenge of Marriage,” and “The Psychology in Classroom.” She is a Certified Transformative Coach, and a Lumina Practitioner.

Elly is one of the earliest US Certified Positive Discipline Trainers in China. She has trained more than two thousand school teachers, parents, and certified Positive Discipline Educators in over twenty cities in the past six years.

She has been giving public presentations in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Nanjing to more than five thousand participants. The Social Emotional Learning taught through Elly’s Positive Discipline Workshops has been passionately welcomed by countless families and schools. She published the first and only Positive Discipline testimonial story book in both Mainland China and Hong Kong in 2012.

Meanwhile, Elly has gained remarkable reputation in the Social Emotional Learning field in China. Majority of the Positive Discipline educators in China are using the 4 workbooks written by Elly in their hundreds of workshops per year.

In 2016, as the first Chinese trainer, Elly gave a public presentation to an audience of nearly two hundred people at the Positive Discipline Association annual conference in San Diego, California. The successful impact has been brought over to Europe and the Middle East by those who attended from these regions.

Elly holds a postgraduate degree on Journalism from Peking University, and is currently achieving a postgraduate on Managerial Psychology in Hong Kong University.


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