Chris has over 20 years’ experience working in the organisational development field for leading global companies in Asia and beyond. He is a pragmatic practitioner, bringing a broad skill set and rare depth of knowledge to his coaching and facilitating.

Chris has first-hand experience working for and within leading organisations in various senior in-house roles. He was formerly Regional Head of Organisational Effectiveness for the Royal Bank of Scotland in Asia. He was also previously Global Co-Head of Leadership Development for UBS based in London and was the Regional Head of Leadership and Talent for ABN AMRO based in Hong Kong. Prior to these roles he also worked with Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline within their respective Organisational Development teams.

Chris’ expertise lies in facilitating management and leadership development training, and collaborating with senior leadership teams to define strategy or new ways of working. His workshops and learning interventions, while characterised as energetic, engaging and hands-on, are underpinned by solid methodology and apply a deep knowledge of organisational context. As an executive coach, he focuses on the individual in the context of the organisation. He supports his coaching clients in an empathetic yet challenging way that allows them to develop new insights and grow and evolve as leaders.

Chris holds an MSc in People and Organisational Development from the University of Salford, UK. He is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a WABC Certified Business Coach. He is also an accredited practitioner for a number of leading psychometric tools including Lumina Spark, Harrison’s Assessment, Facet 5 and Prism.


Coaching Client Testimonial:

“I’ve been working with Chris and it has been an enlightening and thought provoking experience. Chris holds the space very well, I feel encouraged to speak freely about my challenges and goals, and I can feel that Chris listens to me intently.

Chris listens to the complexity of the issues I am facing, shows empathy and will provide valuable insight to me at the right time. I gain a deep sense of awareness, recognising some of my own limiting beliefs and I’m able to step out of patterns that I find myself constantly struggling with. Through our work together I am able to find alternative approaches to the challenges I’m faced with and consequently overcome them in a manner that fits with me and in my own way.

He has been a well-balanced coach – objective towards my issues and empathetic towards the way I am affected by them. He is insightful; I appreciate the depth of his experience and his ability to pick up on certain ideas and ask the right questions at the right time; questions that open up avenues of thought and potential outcomes that I hadn’t considered at the time.

Chris shares his knowledge freely and this enriches our conversations with deep meaning. I strongly trust Chris as a coach and would have no hesitation in giving him a high recommendation.”


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