Candy Lee

As a born and raised Hong Kong local, Candy Lee has worked in several types of businesses in the past. She has a diploma in Executive Finance, professional diploma in Human Resource Management, a BA and an MBA (International Management) from the RMIT in Australia. She worked primarily in administration and accounting, then sales and marketing, before moving up to become a senior business development manager.  More recently, before joining Growing Edge, Candy was hired as project manager for large scale projects like the relocation for Octopus Holdings Ltd.

Candy joined Growing Edge in 2013 to help with the financial operations of the company.

Her current responsibilities are integral to the successful daily workings of Growing Edge, mostly handling accounting and administration work. With her knowledge of Hong Kong and the local language, she is also able to help with coordinating workshops by managing logistics in an ad hoc setting.

She lives in Hong Kong with her family, and likes to travel to visit her children living abroad so she can bring back delicious snacks for the office.


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