After years of working in the health department as a nurse, Barbara harboured a deep curiosity about what she could become. She felt she had potential that was unrealised.

As a nurse she sometimes found it frustrating to be on the curative side of the healing process, she believes that working with people before they become ill, supporting them to stay healthy by achieving a certain balance in their lives surely can help them to stay out of the hospital.

After some training with the NeuroLeadership Group in 2012 Barbara obtained a Results Associate Certificate of Coaching, a Neuroscience—based, process focused, and outcome driven system.

She is also a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner since 2011. In coaching as in many other sectors, training and learning is a constant process that benefits the client and the coach.

Barbara’s coaching is predominantly about raising awareness and responsibility, and a building block of this is to help clients to understand they have choices in their thinking. Her coaching is also about the development of communication, behaviour & performance skills for individuals that specifically want to make the best of themselves.

Barbara is working with individuals looking for support to increase their self-awareness, she is interested in empowering them by leveraging their strengths to improve their capabilities for achieving success. Her approach will facilitate positive changes by improving thinking.

For example, mums who are looking at going back to work, individuals feeling stuck in their career or in their personal life and need a place to reflect to move towards their goals, and this starts with figuring out what are those goals!

As a coach she combines empathy, openness and support with challenging and direct feedback. She is passionate about helping people through obstacles that may be blocking their sense of purpose and the realisation of their full potential.

Barbara is married, has 2 children, has been expatriated since 2003 and knows how challenging and wonderful this can be. She is from Belgium and is fluent in French and in English.


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