Teams are the driving force behind any organisation. Whether a management team, task force, functional or virtual team, developing teams that are engaged, excited and can effectively work together towards a common goal is no easy feat. Our Team Cohesion solutions offer proactive ways to help teams overcome obstacles or go one step beyond in meeting their objectives to deliver real impact.


Teams are the bedrock of any organisation. Forming a well-functioning team takes time,  yet investing in this time pays dividends for an organisation in terms of results and efficiency.

Teams development passes through a number of key stages: forming, when a team first comes together, establishing their missions, goals and objectives; storming, when a team begins to figure out their roles, expectations and responsibilities; norming, when teams resolve discrepancies between their expectations and the team’s experience; and performing, the feeling of satisfaction that comes with their team’s progress, and sharing insights into strengths and weaknesses to continue to work at their best.

When teams have developed to function at their optimum ability, all members of the team know their contribution, and can work towards a united, common goal.  combine diagnostic tools and an understanding of a team’s dynamics to foster understanding, collaboration and build productive relationships. It enables teams to successfully pass through the key team-building stages to become a key asset to the organisation they work for.

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Building a successful organisation is not just about having the right leaders in place. Now more than ever, team effectiveness has a major impact on a company’s performance. Team coaching is an effective way to help teams focus and build a culture of cohesion for a stronger shared purpose and performance. Whether helping a new team hit the ground running or enabling an existing team to work together more effectively, team coaching is what sets winning teams apart.


Our Team Coaching approach uses individual and team assessment to provide a deeper understanding of people, their strengths and weaknesses and what gets them excited to collaborate. Because the team learns together, they can support each other and put new skills into practice. By reflecting on the group and the individuals within it, we identify group behaviour and thinking gaps that may be getting in the way. Teams develop an increased group understanding and the opportunity to think more openly.


Organisations gain deeper insight into how a team functions within the larger context of the business

Team leaders more effectively understand the value and strengths of individuals for increased efficiency

Team members have an increased awareness their own psychology as well as members of the group for deeper empathy

Increased effectiveness of communication within the group and with external stakeholders

Enable members to play to their strengths and support each other where needed

Understand and formulate new, innovative ways of working to achieve objectives

Build deeper levels of trust and collaboration

Read a case study to find out how Team Coaching has helped businesses achieve breakthrough results. Contact us to find out how Team Coaching can help your organisation.


In today’s market, teams need to be able to rise to new challenges and remain flexible in the face of obstacles and different ways of working. Effective team performance should not just focus on today, but also create a readiness to face the challenges of the future.

The first step in creating a well-functioning team is helping its leader understand it’s current performance and dynamics. At the same time, individuals in a team need to understand their own preferences and those of the people they work with to avoid conflict and create a collaborative working environment.

The Rappid Team Development Tool helps leaders and organisations identify the current stage of development and performance of their teams. It enables organisations and their leaders to measurably increase team performance, ensuring a team performs well today and remains adaptive for the future.




a team and provide accurate input to the team leader to help develop both the performance and adaptability of the team


team members in a development journey that goes beyond the team leader and captures the insights of the team’s current state and performance


a benchmark to enable to understand how teams differ across a large organisation and the actions required to make all teams as good as the best

The RAPPID™ Team Development tool uses three perspectives to get an accurate understanding of team dynamics. Combining these three views ensures we can find the most productive leverage points for improvement and explore areas of tension in an objective way.

Read a case study to find out how the Rappid™ Team Development Tool has helped businesses achieve breakthrough results. Contact us to find out how the Rappid™ Team Development Tool can help your organisation.


Mastering the dynamics of collaboration and communication is the key to a team’s success. Helping individuals develop an awareness of themselves as well as their team members creates proactive relationships and supports overall team performance.

Our Team Communication and Performance workshop helps teams develop awareness, skills and tools to support positive team communication for trusting, open and empathetic team relationships. It begins by helping each individual develop a better understanding of themselves, their preferences and how they fit into the group’s dynamics. This then extends to a deeper understanding of their counterparts, enabling individuals to tailor their communication and behaviour for improved working efficiency and rapport.

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