Giving your workforce an understanding of best practices in leadership and management is the first step in developing and improving their performance. Growing Edge adds an extra dimension to coaching and leadership by using a number of proven assessment tools that deliver a deeper understanding. By uncovering information on preferred styles of behaviour, leadership ability and competencies, assessment tools can help your organisation make more informed decisions in the context of recruitment, leadership, and personal and team development.


Lumina Spark is the next generation of professional development tools helping individuals, teams and organisations to work more effectively and improve the bottom line. Its key strength is that it avoids any stereotyping. It recognises that every person within an organisation is unique with differing style, strengths, needs and expectations in the work place. Lumina Spark helps individuals identify and harness these strengths for better self-understanding. Its insights are designed to help individuals increase their influence and identify how to improve their working relationships with others.

Lumina Spark has a wide range of applications in team building, management development, coaching and mentoring, career development and conflict resolution. It provides organisations with a multitude of benefits including increased team performance, improved relationships between teams and managers, and increased productivity.


It delivers a highly individualised portrait for a meaningful and personal experience. It avoids stereotyping and labelling.


It allows individuals to recognise themselves in their own portraits. It helps them to acknowledge their unique strengths and focus on areas where they could improve.


Because it is flexible and measurable it creates results-orientated interventions that enable goal setting. It holds people accountable to follow through on their commitments, making sure that they achieve the best possible benefits from taking part.


Mental Toughness is the capacity for an individual to effectively deal with stressors, pressures and challenges. It is a person’s ability to perform at their best irrespective of the circumstances in which they find themselves. It has a significant impact on workplace performance, well being and the extent to which we adopt positive behaviours.

The MTQ 48 Mental Toughness assessment offers individuals and their organisations a powerful development tool which enhances workplace resilience. It can be incorporated into leadership and personal development programmes, and offers a unique way of evaluating progress before and after mental toughness workshops.

The MTQ48 psychometric tool is able to assess Mental Toughness through a unique 48-item questionnaire using the four key components of Mental Toughness, known as the 4 C’s:


Whilst we all have an innate level of mental toughness, it is also a skill that can be developed. By helping employees develop their mental toughness, organisations can be sure employees perform at their best, even when under pressure.


Growing Edge is an accredited user of Harrison Assessment Tools. Harrison Assessments offer a number of unique tools to align a person’s qualifications, wants, needs, passion and goals to the requirements of the organisation and specific jobs. Harrison Tools use a unique Paradox Technology. This innovative approach exceeds general personality testing and other methods because it measures 175 factors, resulting in reports that target job-specific employee engagements, success and retention.

  • Awareness is the first step to positive change for more success
  • An effective and unbiased tool to create increase awareness
  • Highly accurate – you can trust the results
  • Measures your consistency in completing the questionnaire to enure reliable results
  • Revealing shadow behaviours to better understand contradicting behavioural patterns and how to overcome them
  • The unique Paradox Report, based on psychological opposites can help you understand how to develop certain underused traits
  • Easy to use, extensive insights through a 20-40 minute questionnaire


Facet5 is used by consultants and organisations worldwide, Facet5 harnesses the power of personality, supporting individuals, teams and businesses to realise their full potential. Facet5 provides a simple model and a common language to explain how people differ in their behaviour, motivation and attitudes, and more importantly, what can be achieved.


Facet5 was developed in response to client demand for speedy, practical information to assist with decision making at each stage of an employees’ journey through an organisation. Available in over 30 different languages, Facet5 is jargon-free, and web-based for easy access all over the world. A wide range of country and industry norm groups makes meaningful comparisons simple. Facet5 works with organisations to design and implement solutions that solve not only business problems but harness opportunities and realise potential.


Facet5 is easily and effectively applied across the entire employee lifecycle. From selection through to separation and exit, Facet5 engages the individual, the leader and the organisation with a range of comprehensive insights. Whether building a team, integrating a new hire or looking at organisational culture, Facet5 works with individuals, teams and organisations to realise their full potential.


The five factor model of personality (or ‘Big 5’) is now widely accepted as the best way of describing the fundamental building blocks of personality. The ‘Big 5’ model consistently emerges from psychological research as the minimum needed to give a comprehensive description of personality and behaviour. Facet5 measures these five factors precisely and quickly to give the most accurate and easily-applied portrait of individual differences in behaviour.


In today’s market, teams need to be able to rise to new challenges and remain flexible in the face of obstacles and different ways of working. Effective team performance should not just focus on today, but also create a readiness to face the challenges of the future.

The first step in creating a well-functioning team is helping its leader understand it’s current performance and dynamics. At the same time, individuals in a team need to understand their own preferences and those of the people they work with to avoid conflict and create a collaborative working environment.

The Rappid Team Development Tool helps leaders and organisations identify the current stage of development and performance of their teams. It enables organisations and their leaders to measurably increase team performance, ensuring a team performs well today and remains adaptive for the future.






Assess a team and provide accurate input to the team to help develop both the performance and adaptablility of the


Engage team members in a development journey that goes beyond the team leader and captures the insights of the team’s current state and performance


Provide a benchmark to enable to understand how teams differ across a large organisation and the actions required to make all the teams as good as the best.

The RAPPID™ Team Development tool uses three perspectives to get an accurate understanding of team dynamics. Combining these three views ensures we can find the most productive leverage points for improvement and explore areas of tension in an objective way.

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