Growing Edge offers clients expertise in Leadership and Talent Development strategies. We work with you to deliver programmes aligned to your leadership and talent needs and organisational goals.


Leadership is at the core of organisations.

We focus our leadership development across four key areas:

Self, Mindsets & Beliefs
Others & Teams
Influence Across the Business
Change & Continuous Improvement

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Self, Mindsets & Beliefs

We start with the leader themselves. Click on Self-Awareness, Emotional Mastery and Resilience.


Leadership development needs to be an inside-out experience that focuses less on the acquisition of skills and techniques and more on the acquisition of self-insight and an understanding of how their behaviour impacts others.

Emotional Mastery

Leaders need to gain a deeper understanding of themselves to enable them to master their emotions, and to manage and respond appropriately to the emotions of others.


This is about maintaining emotional energy through reflection, introspection and mindfulness to balance the creation of a culture of 'doing' with 'being.'

Others & Teams

Leadership is about generating a culture for others to excel. Click on Direction, Clarity, Trust and Psychological Safety.


Leadership is about enabling a passion for the task at hand and unlocking the wisdom of the collective rather than issuing directives from high.


Developing high performance teams starts with clarity of purpose. As the team matures, it's about recognising and embracing the value of diversity and the role each member plays in achieving success for the team and the business.

Generating Trust & Psychological Safety

Giving staff the space to experiment, feel comfortable with failing fast and being open to new ideas are all essential components for innovation and creativity.

Influence across the Business

From building the ability to lead others and teams we move to business impact. Click on Collaborative and Best for the Business.


We work with leaders to facilitate true dialogue and collaboration - to involve people from all parts of the organisation to engage with solutions.

Brings the Best for the Business

Utilising positive personal power brings greater sustainability of relationships and influence with colleagues across the business.

Change & Continuous Improvement

Change cannot happen without leadership. Click on Future Focused and Building Commitment Towards Change.

Future Focused

By integrating leadership development and change, leaders throughout the organisation engage in a process of learning how to enact desired change in culture or continuous improvement in the everyday experience of organisational life.

Building Commitment towards Change

We work within the organisation to help equip senior executives to become the champions for change and support leaders through mentoring and coaching.


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Development as an Ongoing Process

We see development as a process, not an event. Through advocating buddy groups, the provision of mentors and leaders as coaches, this equips organisations to further sustain the development of their leaders.

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Horizontal & Vertical Learning

To affect positive change in behaviour, we address individuals’ mindsets and beliefs (vertical learning). When leaders can see what holds them back from the behaviours to be the best version of themselves, the skills that are acquired can be put into action (horizontal learning).

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Responsive & Personalised

We respond and give feedback ‘in the moment’. We challenge and support, boldly asking: “What would work here? How do we provide what you need?”

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Range of Experiential Methodologies

We create space for leaders to explore their own understanding and application. We don’t teach, we provide a learning experience that is memorable and applicable to their context.


It’s hard to deny that engaged employees are a key competitive differentiator. The drivers for engagement vary hugely by company, culture and state of the business. However, good and trusted leadership finds commonality in a few core traits:

Are leaders doing what they say they will do?

Is there consistency between the values that the frontline is asked to demonstrate and how leaders behave?

Do staff have contact with leaders or are they always behind closed doors?

Do employees get the information they need to perform their roles effectively?

Do employees’ opinions count, and are they genuinely listened too and acted upon?

How effectively do different parts of the organisation speak to each other?

Each of our Leadership programmes equips your leaders with the tools and knowledge they need to engage employees, develop potential, and retain top talent.

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