Women and Leadership: Visibility Matters PROGRAMME

Women and Leadership: Visibility Matters

Highly qualified women are entering professional life at the same rate as men. Still today, gender balance remains a concern for organisations, with many talented and high performing women not taking up senior executive roles. Although the reasons for this are complex and often outside women’s own control, raising their own awareness and exploring practical solutions can support women in proactively managing their careers.


  • Women wanting to change or advance in their role or career
  • Women transitioning to a new role
  • Women wanting to increase visibility and impact in their organisation
  • Women wanting to increase their confidence and performance when interacting with managers, colleagues, clients or other stakeholders
  • Women needing to build strong relationships with clients or teams


Our hands-on, interactive workshop supports participants in defining their goals and their unique leadership and personal style. It outlines how they can bring their achievements to the attention of top management without compromising their authenticity. A number of highly engaging activities explore the winning behaviours and complementary strengths that women bring to management. It supports women in identifying the assumptions, behaviours, and communication styles that may be holding them back. Participants will develop their own individual tools, strategies and action plans that translate into real results in their organisations and careers.


Knowledge and visibility of the challenges facing women
Awareness of the complementary strengths women as a whole bring to business and leadership
Understanding of their own communication and behaviour styles
How to develop an authentic personal leadership style
Awareness of the internal and external blocks and biases that can impact women in the workplace.
Knowledge, tools and strategies for taking ownership and proactively managing career development
Understanding varying communication and behaviour styles to better influence and enhance interactions with others
Build confidence and skills for effective, assertive and inclusive people management
Increased personal presence and impact


Three to five full days with optional individual coaching session(s)


  • Group workshop (maximum 12 participants)
  • Available as individual one-on-one coaching


Additional modules for managers, combined with our strategy facilitation, and HR consulting services can offer a ‘whole organisation’ approach to developing an inclusive gender-neutral organisation.

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