Team Communication and Performance PROGRAMME

Team Communication and Performance

To achieve their objectives, it is essential members of a team operate collaboratively, working with and motivating one another to complete the task to the highest standard possible. Well functioning teams are able to decide strategy, overcome issues and achieve their objectives—proving extremely valuable to an organisation. This workshop helps members of a team maximise their strengths and create positive and effective team communication.


  • Teams seeking to enhance collaboration and performance
  • Teams experiencing challenges relating to interpersonal communication, teamwork and performance
  • Teams seeking to enhance their communications with internal and external stakeholders and clients
  • New teams coming together
  • Teams experiencing change
  • Anyone with a need to persuade, inspire and engage others


This workshop enables teams to gain a deeper understanding of the individual strengths each member brings to the team. It fosters mutual respect in relation to individual differences in style, communication and behaviours. It increases empathy, for supportive and proactive relationships that will drive excellence in overall team performance.


Understand individual communication styles and their impact on others
Understand the strengths of different team members and how diverse talent raises the bar on team performance
Understand and apply winning behaviours that drive the most successful teams
Identify gaps in team performance and develop solutions and strategies to close them
Understand and apply powerful visual tools for describing and de-personalising differences in communication and behaviour to support positive, proactive discussion of interpersonal or other issues
Understand the impact of pressure on team dynamics and performance, identify strategies to reduce the effect of stress on the team
Apply strategies to handle objections and difficult conversations for positive and proactive communication
Apply techniques to ensure open and authentic team discussions that ensure everyone has a voice
Collaborate and agree on team commitments for more positive team work going forward


One-day, two-day, or three-day workshop, or series of half-day modules


Can be supplemented with follow up one-on-one coaching sessions


  • Group workshop – Maximum 12 participants

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