Mentoring Skills Workshop PROGRAMME

Mentoring Skills Workshop

Mentoring skills programmes are effective at enhancing professional development through sharing practical experience, wisdom and knowledge from long-term or more senior employees within the organisation. They are effective at increasing retention and developing less experienced staff and can be targeted to address specific initiatives such as increasing diversity within a talent population.

When working with organisations we have found that the barriers that typically impeded effective mentoring programmes were cited as:

Growing Edge supports organisations through supporting them to enhance their programme design and supporting materials and the provision of Mentoring Skills workshop for mentoring participants.


  • Mentors / Mentees who are participating in an in-house programme


This workshop is focuses on three areas:

  1. Exploring the Mentoring Programme
    1. Component parts
    2. When certain events take place and for how long
  2. Equipping Mentors / Mentees with the skills to be effective in respective roles
    1. Expectations
    2. Making it real
    3. Conducting effective mentoring conversations
  3. How to ensure success
    1. The organisation
    2. You as a Mentor / Mentee


Gain clarity on the Mentoring programme
Understand the component parts of mentoring and the required inputs / outputs at each stage of the process
Build the skills of mentors / mentees – define and equip both parties with the skills to gain maximum benefit from the programme
Practice the required skills in a safe environment
‘Get real’ on perceived barriers and jointly agree ways to overcome these to support the mentoring partnerships
Action plan and use the programme support materials to set up the first meeting for success


Our experienced facilitators have worked in-house in senior training and learning and development roles at leading multi-national organisations. They have many years’ experience in establishing mentoring programmes and developing the mentoring skills of participants to support knowledge transfer, professional development and targeted programmes for in-house sales teams, technical professionals, diversity and emerging talent.


One full day with an optional half-day first meeting in action review and feedback workshop.

Workshop Format

  • Group workshop (maximum 10 mentor / mentee pairs).

To find out more about this workshop or other programmes, please contact us for more details.

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