Leading Change PROGRAMME

Leading Change

Today’s fast-paced environment means organisations need to be more prepared than ever to change and adapt. Knowing how to effectively manage change is a core skill for today’s leaders, enabling them to get the best results out of their teams. This workshop aims to equip leaders with the skills they need to drive, manage and guide employees in the organisation through change effectively.


  • Leaders in organisations going through change
  • Leaders tasked with delivering a new or refined strategy
  • Leaders who are tasked with leading their teams during organisational turbulence


Our Leading Change workshop helps participants learn how to lead change effectively by understanding the natural resistance that occurs. It enables them to become adept at helping their teams take the necessary steps towards realising the benefits of change. It focuses on the ‘how to’ essentials of change: delivering success in the long-term and winning the hearts and minds of those undergoing change. Each participant walks away with a Change Briefing Document to be used immediately when back to work.


Understand the natural resistance that occurs in times of change through insights and key models of change
Consider their own response to change, to embrace, drive and influence
Understand types of change and how these can be disruptive and damaging if badly led
Understand and apply lessons from their personal experience of change to replicate elements that have created success
Gain an ability to effectively communicate change and deal with resistance
Understand and apply key models and principles for leading change
Understand typical responses and how to build personal and organisational resilience
Understand and create a communication ‘change briefing’ to lead change successfully in your area


Our facilitators have held senior in-house learning and development roles at leading MNCs and financial institutions. Their unique perceptions and insights on the challenges leaders face are drawn from extensive experience working with leaders at all levels.

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