Facilitating Groups and Teams in Asia PROGRAMME

Facilitating Groups and Teams in Asia

In Asia, hierarchy, educational experience, gender and other factors all impact group performance.
This workshop offers practical tools and strategies for eliciting the total wisdom of your organisation’s groups to create a vision, develop solutions, or address new challenges.


  • New managers leading teams or facilitating groups in Asia
  • Existing managers or leaders who wish to invigorate or inspire greater contributions from their teams
  • Project leaders needing to quickly and effectively leverage the collective knowledge and skills of their project group
  • Facilitators for ad hoc or virtual teams
  • Internal or external consultants wanting to complement and enhance their existing facilitation skills
  • Anyone with a need or desire to leverage the collective expertise of a group or team


This workshop will help individuals gain the skills to encourage their team members to share ideas, express opinions and explore their creativity. It enables leaders to engage and motivate their people to express their thoughts and ideas, instilling the necessary buy in and ownership that is critical for success. Practical, hand-on facilitation experiences will ensure that feedback, input and coaching are tailored to participants’ context and ensure learning can be applied in their role for immediate impact.


Understand the critical components of effective facilitation, including participant context and desirable skills and behaviours
Understand the impact of cultural dynamics when facilitating Asian teams, and explore solutions to encourage full group engagement
Develop a personal facilitation style to engage and inspire groups in Asia to achieve their goals
Understand and apply a range of facilitation tools and processes, tailoring them to specific people and context
Leverage peer feedback and action plans to further develop facilitation skills post-workshop
Apply practical facilitation planning tools to future team or group discussions for optimum outcomes


Our experienced facilitators have held senior organisational learning and development posts in Fortune 500 companies. They have many years’ experience developing tailored learning solutions and facilitating in-house and external workshops in Asia and beyond. Their broad experience in supporting organisations includes facilitation for strategy planning, teamwork, leadership, talent development and business communication skills, on-the-job and experiential learning and one-to-one executive coaching.


Three full days with optional follow-up individual coaching session(s)


  • Group workshop (maximum 15 participants)
  • Available as one-on-one coaching

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