Experienced Manager Workshop PROGRAMME

Experienced Managers need to lead in a new context. The pace of change, competition and economic conditions demand constantly adaptive approaches to delivering to the customer.
The new context requires leaders to manage complexity, balance competing priorities and collaborate across organisational boundaries; influencing upwards, down and across the organisation to drive tangible results. Leaders need to act authentically to engage individuals and teams. They need to become a coaching enabler and develop high performance conditions in which, innovation and change are embraced.
Experienced managers have been leading individuals and teams for some time, they are organisationally experienced and technically excellent. Leadership development, for them, has to respect their experience and tenure; it needs to be immediately engaging, relevant, time sensitive and fully applicable to their context.
Our approach to meeting the needs of your experienced manager is designed to be tailored specifically to your organisation. We listen to your context and then tailor proven modules to meet your needs. We bring our expertise and experience, then through our facilitative approach, we engage your leaders helping them to respond specifically to their context.

Programme Highlights

  • Impactful, engaging and proven methodologies, equipping leaders to lead
  • Small group working on live workplace issues
  • Facilitated approach to bring to life models and thinking to their own situations and experiences
  • Understanding personal drivers that influence decisions and actions
  • Utilisation of Lumina Spark / Lumina Emotion to support personal insights and development
  • Utilisation of tools to enable performance / development conversations

Our Difference

Research amongst CEO’s highlights that developing leaderships is essential, yet only 7% of these CEO’s believed that their organisations were doing it effectively. The main reason cited for this was that all too often organisations default to off-the-shelf solutions that consume time without achieving lasting impact for either participant or the organisation. The challenge is to build the right set of practical leadership skills and mindsets of leaders, which improves performance of the broader organisation.
Building leaders requires delving deeply into the capabilities, mindsets and behaviours of individuals and those they work with. It requires addressing, in a hands on way, who leaders ‘are’ in addition to their skills and knowledge. Typically we start with ‘leading self’ to develop the underpinning capabilities of leaders

Modular Delivery

Our modular approach allows for the selected subject area to be specified for your needs.


Example Workshop Content
Developing My Authentic Self
Leading People and Teams
Collaborating Across Boundaries
  • Developing self-awareness: what are my leadership drivers
  • My typical interaction style
  • My communication preferences
  • Inspirational Communication
  • Exploring mindsets that support my leadership style
  • My Leadership Brand
  • Situational Leadership / Leadership Styles
  • Developing High Performance Climates
  • Developing Trust
  • Motivating My People
  • Holding Self and Others to Account
  • Becoming a Coaching Enabler
  • Enabling Creativity and Innovation
  • Working Across Boundaries
  • Managing Conflict
  • Delivering Change
  • Developing an Influencing Campaign
    • Influencing Upwards
    • Stakeholder Mapping
    • Stakeholder Assessment
  • Action Planning and Implementation


  •  Experienced managers who have been with the organisation or leading others and teams for 5 plus years
  • Managers who are seeking to refresh their leadership knowledge and influence

To find out more about this workshop or other programmes, please contact us for more details.

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