Creative Thinking Within Teams PROGRAMME

Creative Thinking Within Teams

Competition, globalisation and the pace of change mean it is more important than ever to make the most of the creative power of teams. This workshop explores blocks to creativity, and provides practical facilitation tools to ensure teams engage with their own creative thought processes.


  • New managers leading teams or facilitating groups, with particular relevance to Asia
  • Existing managers or leaders who wish to inspire greater contributions from their teams
  • Project leaders with a need to leverage the collective knowledge and skills of their project group
  • Facilitators of ad hoc or virtual teams
  • Internal or external consultants wanting to complement and enhance existing facilitation skills
  • Anyone with a desire to leverage the collective expertise of a group or team


This workshop equips participants with the knowledge, strategies and tools to ensure their teams are maximising their creative energy for break-through thinking. Creative thinking is an essential skill to help teams create, innovate and solve problems. Participants will leave with a plan to encourage out-of-the box thinking and expression, and skilful facilitation to support teams embrace and take ownership for new ideas and solutions.


Drive business outcomes by increasing the creativity of team and group output
Gain confidence, skills and tools to support their teams to embrace and apply creative thought processes
Understand the impact of educational and cultural dynamics on team perceptions and expression of the creative thought processes
Understand blocks to creativity and how to create a safe and stimulating environment for people to be creative
Understand the critical steps necessary to stimulate and leverage creative thought processes in your teams
Apply a range of facilitation techniques to support creative and break-through thinking in teams
Provide hands-on practical facilitation experience, peer feedback and an action plan to further develop facilitation skills post-workshop


Our experienced facilitators have held senior organisational learning and development posts in leading MNCs. They possess a depth of experience developing tailored learning solutions and facilitating in-house and external workshops in Asia and other regions. Their broad range of experience includes facilitation for brainstorming and strategy planning, teamwork, leadership, talent development and business communication skills, on-the-job and experiential learning and one-to-one executive coaching.


Two full days with optional follow-up individual coaching session(s)


This workshop can also be adapted as a direct team facilitation or co-facilitation relating to a real team project in your organisation.


  • Group workshop (maximum twelve participants)

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