Team Development CASE STUDY


Growing Edge was approached by the Global Commercial Director of a multinational inspecting, testing and certification organisation. The organisation’s Eastern Regional Team had recently reorganised its back office function to the Philippines. This had led to early teething problems as the ‘in country’ teams were now working with colleagues virtually. Additionally, varying reactions from the country team leaders had led to a divisive ‘my team’ versus ‘your team’ mentality.


  • Develop a one-day intervention for a team of 15 participants representing the countries and the operations centre
  • Raise awareness of individuals’ personal reaction to change and how they may be transitioning through a ‘change curve’
  • Engage participants in a process that would enable them to create their own solutions and gain collective buy-in to these solutions
  • Develop a collaborative virtual working culture within the team with stated and agreed behaviours / actions to make this a reality


Growing Edge developed a workshop that focused on the change that had taken place. The workshop used a simulated ‘virtual team’ activity that evoked behaviours that were being played out on a day-to-day basis. This activity created an undeniable awareness amongst participants. The team then rallied to create a common goal and identified behaviours and actions that would be needed to achieve the goal. With virtual teams there is a requirement for a high level of trust. Within the workshop we looked at trust and the factors that support or undermine it, and again, agreed on behaviours and actions to support the required high trust level. The following part of the day focused on communication styles, the differences and how to appreciate and work with these differences. The final part of the day focused on individual commitments and actions that the team would take to improve its overall performance.


The team created a collective goal around which behaviours and actions were identified and committed.

A greater sense of awareness was created within the team in relation to their reactions to change. This led to a more supportive climate created within the team.

Greater understanding of communication styles and how to value these rather than see them as a challenge led to greater trust across the team.

A set of behaviours and actions were agreed and individual commitments were made to ensure that the team worked together more effectively.


“Everyone clearly enjoyed themselves while learning a high volume over a short period of time – high practicality of tools!”
Fiona Fang – Independent

“Awesome! Everything we learned can be used both in the workplace and everyday life”
Evan Moore, Creative Director – Leap Design

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