Strategy Into Action CASE STUDY


A regional retail business specialising in bringing international luxury and lifestyle brands to Greater China and Asia was seeking to define their Vision, Mission and Values and clarify their strategy. They were managing over 20 internationally-known brands and continuing their growth across the region. They wanted to look to their next twenty years of operations and maximise the sense of staff as being part of something bigger than each individual brand.


  • Undertake a study of current views across the business as to the Vision, Mission and Values, identifying which of these elements had led to the success of the business
  • Bring together the leadership of the business and brands to review the outcomes of the study and to determine the needs for the next twenty years
  • Refresh the Vision, Mission and Values – clarify the business strategy and gain buy-in from senior stakeholders
  • Bring together the brand and business leaders to gain their support and equip them with the tools to become ‘leaders leading   change’ within their own areas
  • Cascade and communicate the message to the wider organisation


We conducted interviews with brand managers and senior leaders to identify the company’s core purpose that existed within the DNA of the business. Focus groups were also run across the region to gain input from all levels of staff. The findings were collated and condensed and then a two-day workshop was held for the top 30 leaders to craft a future focused Vision, Mission and Values (VMV). This became known as Vision 20-20, a clever play on the past 20 years laying the foundation for the next 20.

The VMV was refined and a second workshop with the top 30 leaders was held. This time the workshop focused on the leaders being equipped to cascade the VMV to their respective teams – a ‘Leaders Leading Change’ training workshop was created along with a facilitation guide that enabled each leader to go back to their respective teams and run a communications and involvement workshop.

The communications strategy included a series of ‘values workshops’. Store Managers were supported to deliver these workshops to customer-facing staff. Additionally, we created a recognition programme based on the company’s values and all store staff participated.

To ensure that the communications strategy had delivered and to continue to embed the VMV, a ‘pulse survey’ was created and run on a quarterly basis to spot areas of success and determine further areas of focus.


The leadership team was highly engaged and motivated, participating fully in the cascade process leading to greater involvement and engagement of staff

The Vision, Mission and Values acted as a platform for communications and staff engagement activity

The Vision of the business to become a ‘Brand Builder’ rallied staff with a greater sense of purpose

Store staff could see career opportunities beyond their individual brands, leading to higher retention in a retail context

On-going pulse surveys focused the business towards cost effective interventions


“Well run, very enjoyable and some immediately useful take-aways – Thank you!”
Richard Ellis – Senior Director – CBRE

“Great off-site – practical, fully inclusive leading to great outcomes.”
Jessica Chan,VP – JP Morgan

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