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360 feedback – Why implement and what are the benefits?

“We have now been running the 360 feedback process for the best part of 9 months and although not perfect, the quality of the information on our Masters and Chief Engineers that has been made available to us, here in the office, has substantially improved since the 360 feedback process was implemented.”

The above client comment was the opening paragraph in a note to all impacted staff.

Typically, with organisations implementing 360 feedback for the first time there is a need to constantly review and adjust the process, and in this case, equip participants with the ability to provide constructive and reinforcing feedback.

Prior to implementing their 360 process the on-shore staff were appraising off-shore Masters and Chief Engineers – they recognised that there was a very big gap in their ability to do this. Growing Edge supported them by creating a 360 feedback tool that was easy to administer, cost effective and relevant to their specific needs.

We worked with the client to fully communicate and support the implementation of the tool; monitoring and reviewing the early results and adjusting the process as necessary.

The benefits gained are greater transparency in the performance and behaviours of the Masters and Chief Engineers. The feedback has been enlightening to some and enabled self correction. It has also enabled a fairer discussion with regards to overall ship performance and morale that was at best; highlighted by rumour, or at worst; staff turnover.

We continue to work with this client and are refining the process as it grows to become a wider feedback tool for use in the rest of the organisation.

At Growing Edge we have the capability, to partner with you, to tailor your 360 feedback tool to your specific needs. We can equally provide ‘off-the-shelf’ proven 360 feedback tools that can give you greater insights to assist with leadership, performance and high potential development.

Contact us to discuss how we can improve your feedback mechanisms and development programmes.

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