New Leader Workshop CASE STUDY


Growing Edge was approached by a French bank for assistance in improving the performance of their back office team leaders. They had recently shifted a number of their operations activities from Paris to Hong Kong, alongside re-locating some of their team leaders. The challenge for these team leaders in this new context was that whilst they had the technical expertise, it was felt that they needed support in leadership and engaging their teams.


  • Tailor a New Leader Workshop to compliment the context of the bank
  • The shift-based working hours of the team leaders required that we deliver a series of modules over a period of time that would enable high participation
  • Ensure that the modules would equip the leaders with skills and knowledge that could be immediately applied in their day-to-day working context
  • Develop the capability within the group of leaders to support one another and thereby sustain skills development


Growing Edge developed a series of six half-day modules to be delivered during afternoons, accommodating the shift patterns of the bank. The modules were sequenced as building blocks addressing the following areas:

Where are we today – determining solutions to improve performance

Managing for performance – team and individual objective setting

Equipping and developing the team – individual motivation and coaching

Managing effective meetings – meetings best practice / group problem solving

Managing key stakeholders – managing and communicating to key stakeholders

Connecting and communicating across teams


The 12 participants completed the bank’s evaluation of the workshops. In the feedback questionnaire analysing overall value of workshop applicability, recommending the workshop to others, and pace, all scored 100% in the ‘Strongly Agree’ or ‘Agree’ section.

A key finding was that participants unanimously agreed they were clearer of their roles as managers and as coaches.

What they would do differently as a result of the workshops was to coach and delegate more often, and give constructive feedback to each team member and try to develop the team with coaching. Some participants agreed to change their coaching style, in addition to giving more feedback.

The team leaders continued to act as buddies to support one another where they had found something that worked for them and sought to transfer this knowledge to their colleagues.


“There was never a moment where I felt that the program was irrelevant, I was constantly engaged!”
Govinda Rizal, Senior Scientist – IRRI

“I have been pleasantly surprised by the amount that I have learnt! Thank you!”
Cara Steenstra, Senior Consultant – Active Communication

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