Launch Pad 2016 CASE STUDY


The CEO of a European Headquartered Insurance company wanted to bring together their regional senior management team. The aim was to gain clarity on its working practices, relationships with strategic partners and its strategy for the region, including roles and responsibilities within the senior team.


  • Conduct a one-day off-site that would involve and engage all participants in a strategic discussion
  • Increase participants’ awareness of their own working style and that of other team members so that differences could be explored and embraced for increased team cohesion
  • Explore the current state of the business and how work gets done, then design a future state model of the business with an action plan to get there
  • Discuss and agree strategic alternatives and options
  • Clarify the required relationship with strategic partners and agree action plan owners to deliver the next steps


We undertook a series of meetings with senior leaders to determine the differing perspectives of the leadership team. This also served to gain early buy-in to the offsite itself.

Through the use of a psychometric tool, the individual work preferences and communication styles of each participant were discussed. A group level picture was used to demonstrate collective preferences and how these may lead to the working practices of the team. The strengths and risks associated with these preferences, or areas where limited or no preferences were displayed, were discussed and actions agreed.

The team used a unique metaphor mapping tool – one that develops cooperative working and process optimisation – then mapped their current state processes before developing an ideal future state map. A ‘river map’ was then produced that depicted the actions that they would take and the challenges they may face. Agreed methods for circumventing the challenges and for getting from today to their ideal state were identified, along with owners and timelines.

Launchpad 2016


The CEO was pleased with the level of discussions and involvement of the team. The CEO committed to conducting further events based on the team’s conclusion that the offsite was a starting point, and further discussions of this type were necessary to get everyone aligned.

Individual follow up meetings with each of the leaders was agreed. The psychometric tool would be debriefed in detail to enable more effective working approaches within the team

A half-day follow up meeting was agreed to look at actions and progress. At this meeting we facilitated further team working practice agreements to improve overall performance and communications within the team.


“Fantastic – It came at exactly the right time for me. It was the most practical and useful event I’ve been to in years!”
Gail Forrest, People Consultant – Standard Life

“Thoroughly enjoyable with a lot of valuable insights gained.”
Lesley Stewart – Independent

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