Experienced Leader Workshop CASE STUDY


Growing Edge was approached by a telecommunication organisation to support the development of their experienced leaders. The challenge was that whilst their leaders had been leading teams for a number of years there had been no formal or systematic development in place to support them. It had been assumed that, as leaders for the past few years, they were equipped to lead. However, the increased competitive challenges that the sector was facing combined with the speed of change in the telecoms market, required leaders to take a more visible role as leaders to support their people and the organisation through the emerging landscape.


  • Tailor an Experienced Leader Workshop that equipped leaders with skills for the current / future context
  • Develop a workshop that respected current leadership experience and tenure
  • Ensure that the workshop was immediately engaging, relevant, time sensitive and fully applicable to the leader’s context
  • Ensure that the modules would equip the leaders with knowledge, mind sets and skills that could be immediately applied in their day-to-day working context
  • Develop the capability within the group of leaders to support one another and thereby sustain the learning and skills development


Growing Edge developed a three-day module with action learning sets built into each of the days. This enabled small groups of leaders to work together and directly apply their learning to their context whilst practicing newly acquired skills with one another. The three days took the leaders through a journey starting with self-awareness, leading teams and others through to influencing and leading change across the business.

Particular highlights were:

  • Experiential activities that could then be reviewed and applied to their context.
  • A participant to facilitator ratio of 6:1 allowing for highly personalised development with greater feedback and support leading to higher application to the workplace
  • Establishment of buddy groups to sustain learning back at work
  • Development of a common language for leadership actions across this cohort of leaders ensuring alignment to business requirements
  • Small group presentations to Senior Sponsors / Stakeholders within the organisation


In the feedback questionnaire analysing overall value of workshop, applicability, recommendation to others, and pace, all scored 100% in the ‘Strongly Agree’ or ‘Agree’ section.


“Excellent, best training programme that I have experienced!”

“Excellent and knowledge intensive with great opportunity to practice.”

“A great opportunity to learn new skills and also a big opportunity to influence the organisation”

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