Executive Coaching CASE STUDY

Executive Coaching – Leadership Development

Growing Edge Limited was asked to provide a team of Executive Coaches to support the American Express Leadership Academy, run by Common Purpose, for the first time in Hong Kong, covering the Greater China region.

Our challenge was to provide coaching support to 45 participants over a two day period. The participants were all high potential leaders drawn from NGO’s and charities working to better the lives of people in the Greater China region.

Growing Edge provided eight qualified Executive Coaches, who underwent a thorough due diligence process led by the client to ensure that Growing Edge’s coaches would deliver the highest possible coaching service to the Leadership Academy participants.

Growing Edge put in place a process that would bring the coaches together and fully brief them on the rationale of the American Express Leadership Academy. Additionally, we established the available supporting resources that existed on the client side – a bespoke 360 degree feedback tool. We briefed the coaches on the specific content and focus of the tool, then established the parameters of the coaching assignment in terms of the desired outcomes and ensured that the coaches were utilising a common coaching process and working towards a common goal for the participants.

Feedback from the Participants:

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