4 Steps to Achieving Your Goals

We all have things we wish to achieve in life, no matter how big or small. Success in our professional or personal life is something we strive for.

A lot of times we feel the most motivated at the beginning, making an effort day in and day out. It won’t be long until we reach a hurdle along the way. This may be in the form of a distraction, a more pleasurable experience than the daily toil, an external, unexpected element that adds to your challenge, or simply a dip in energy that challenges your commitment.

“One of the secrets of life is to make stepping stones out of stumbling blocks.”

– Jack Penn

While change is inevitable, you can always adapt to the situation at hand. It will be even better if you equip yourself early on in your quest to achieving your goals. Recognizing that all goals will require focus and energy, breaking it down into smaller steps, anticipating difficulty and seeking support will help you push through the walls of stress and frustration as they arise.

Here are 4 steps to achieving your goals:

Step 1: Assess & Gather Information

Within you lies an arsenal of unique strengths. Self-reflection and speaking with those who know you best to seek feedback are great ways to get a well-rounded picture of yourself. Psychometric assessments such as Lumina Spark, Facet5, etc. can also be used to gain in-depth insights as to your preferences, strengths, overextensions and areas for development. Become more aware of these and you’ll be surprised at how you can make these work for you!

Step 2: Develop an Action Plan

Visualise your road map, with checkpoints or milestones, one that amplifies your strengths and allows for supporting development actions. It may also help to become more keenly aware of any potential difficulties that you foresee and set up contingency plans. It’s also important for you to learn to embrace events that come up as simply things that need to be dealt with. They’re merely a part of the process. It will then be easier to keep a level head. This is all part of the process. Create a plan and involve any relevant key stakeholders to get their alignment. When you believe it, feel good about it, and have support, you’ll feel more confident about achieving your goals.

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Step 3: Monitor Performance

Make time for regularly scheduled activities designed to achieve your desired results. Engage in conversations to check on your progress, design these to increase your self-awareness, leverage strengths and address any hindering factors to achieving your goals. Ensure you receive a balance of challenge and support to enable yourself to push beyond any self-perceived limits. You’ll be surprised at how much you can achieve once you clear away self-imposed obstacles.

Step 4: Evaluate & Follow Up

Measure your progress against your initial objectives. Have you achieved your goals or did you discover an alternative path along the way? Perhaps more goals revealed themselves after you’ve achieved the first one. You may find that more opportunities present themselves as you continue to pursue your goals, along with new problems to solve. Plan further ahead and identify future improvement areas. Success breeds success, this is just the beginning!

Having a coach to support you on your development journey offers you expert perspective and immediately impacts your thinking and strategy in a positive way.

To learn more about the Growing Edge Process and how we can support you in achieving your goals, Please contact us.

Maggie Atienza
Maggie Atienza
Maggie Atienza has a multi-faceted background, having worked in advertising, marketing and outdoor education. She's a certified coach with an innate desire to support others in finding their own path to true growth, unearth their power within and embrace their authentic self.
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